The goal of this website is to start a discussion and to in the end, make changes here at Muhlenberg concerning their food options. During my four years at Muhlenberg, I have found myself getting quite frustrated with the variety and healthy alternatives and I know that I do not stand alone. Students, and I’m sure even Faculty, struggle weekly with avoiding boredom and eating properly. Even though Muhlenberg provides four different locations to get food, it is easy to still encounter these problems within each of the locations. The goal of this website is to provide a safe place where people within the Muhlenberg community can provide their opinions and frustrations concerning their daily meals. Most people create anonymous suggestions on the Napkin Board located in the Dining Hall, so this website will work much quicker through the platform of social media. If achievable, the end goal of this website is to make changes here at Muhlenberg, so that our future generations can avoid the problems that many people encounter. In no way, shape, or form am I trying to belittle the food that is served here on campus, as it is very delicious and carefully prepared. I am just a strong believer that their is always room for improvement and always a way to satisfy those who are unsatisfied. Let’s make our food experiences here at Muhlenberg more enjoyable before it’s too late! WINTER IS COMING!!


Enjoy your experience, as you navigate through this site!


Steven Shoemaker ’19